Retarget To Drive Sales

Retargeting is achieved when search meets display and ends into sales. It is a great tool to increase your online sales by converting visitors into buyers. On an estimate, 98% of the visitors do not convert on their first to your e-commerce site. Retargeting is actually targeted towards this population. It keeps a track of these people and shows your display banner on every other site that they visit online.


1. How Retargeting Works for Your Website?

It works simply with a targeted keyword search. When an internet user searches for a keyword pertinent to your products, cookies are placed in their browser creating a user segment. When this segment matches your campaign settings, your ad becomes visible to the users on every website they browse.

2. Is Retargeting Really Effective?

Yes, it can be highly effective if you choose the right vendor for your campaign. At LocalClicks Pro, we work with many ad exchanges to ensure better visibility of your site anywhere on the internet. It can keep your brand name always visible to the online shoppers. As a result of this repeated exposure and recognition, conversion rates become significantly high.

3. Why Prefer Local Online Click® For Display Banner & Retargeting?

At Local Online Clicks®, we have extensive industry-specific experience and know-how that we use in designing every retargeting campaign. As such, we offer features like:

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