Can we have access to any references?

Certainly! We are more than happy to show off our list of happy clients from the various industry sectors that we have worked with. Once the required agreements have been signed from both sides, we will be able to direct you to our past clients to better understand our ways of working and our expertise in the various facets of digital marketing.

Are results guaranteed with Local Online Clicks®?

We strive and deliver results as promised. We are very transparent in our offerings and never promise more than what we can deliver. Our team members will assess the business requirements of the client at the very beginning of the relationship and will come up with plans that detail expected results in a well-defined manner. We will work as an extension of your internal marketing team and will go the extra mile to generate for you. If we have any doubts pertaining to timelines or budgets, we let our clients to know immediately. Trust us for a positive experience and you will not be disappointed.

Can Local Online Clicks® guarantee a pre-defined timeline to achieve the promised results?

As a general rule, it takes an average of 9 months to start witnessing significant returns from inbound marketing. However, this differs based on the various components used in the marketing plan. Local Online Clicks® will not take any shortcut but use its well-established methodologies to achieve the desired results from the investment made. We want our clients to understand that inbound marketing is not an overnight affair and it takes sufficient time to realize outstanding benefits from the investment made.

Does my business need digital marketing?

There is no denying that the amount of digital content consumed everyday is growing rapidly. B2B as well as B2C enterprises are becoming largely dependent on the online medium to find their target customers and expand their revenue sources. Different forms of digital marketing like Social Media Optimization (SMO), SEO, robust websites, SEM and Banner advertising have arrived and they together define the future of marketing across all industry sectors. With the help of a digital marketing expert, large enterprises, smaller organization as well as naïve startups can build a strong competitive edge and allow careful selection of the various digital marketing media available.

Why should I choose Local Online Clicks® for my digital marketing needs?

Local Online Clicks® is a one stop destination that offers a whole plethora of digital marketing services to all its clients. It has the experience and the expertise to deliver bespoke solutions to satisfy specific customer needs across all industries. When you choose to work with Local Online Clicks®, you will have a dedicated resource to offer the best recommendations and implementation strategies that are in adherence to your business goals. Our unique points of differentiation include,

We give more importance to revenue than rankings!
We optimize the entire digital marketing strategy and not just a portion of it.
We advise, plan, execute, track and deploy the learnt lessons to achieve maximum success.
We are affordable.
We are proud to show an amazing client success record

What types of clients do you service?

We have no bias in choosing to work with any particular client. We serve across industries and have worked with both B2B and B2C clients. Our clients hail from different geographical locations and have had no problems in communicating with our team. Our digital marketing services are aimed at complementing or enhancing the previous investments made by the clients and therefore companies who are looking for a change can approach us without the fear of losing out on whatever efforts have been taken thus far.


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