Benefits Of Live Chat Services For Your Business

As businesses are engaging more with customers through online channels, the need for quality online support is higher than ever. Live Chat feature has become one of the leading methods of support online and also yields the best customer satisfaction in the digital space. As per a recent study, over 42% customers use live chat whereas only 23% use email and about 16% use forums. Due to the efficiency and immediacy of the live chat feature, customers find it easy to resolve their problems and complete their online experience without any hindrances.


At Local Online Clicks®, we offer live chat services that can be integrated with your website through a simple code. The process of starting a live chat feature on your website involves just 4 simple steps.


• Sign-up and select the plan that best suits your needs
• Customize the widget based on your website and business
• Add the code snippets we provide to your website
• Start getting leads and enjoying the business boost

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